Refrigerated Warehousing Services in Vancouver

A refrigerated warehousing provider in Vancouver helps to ensure optimal food safety, inventory management, and a smooth delivery process for businesses shipping temperature-sensitive goods. Having access to a large network of refrigerated warehouses is paramount for an effective and low-cost supply chain. 

With our headquarters located in Vancouver, we provide an advantageous location that is close to ports and rails. Our beneficial location allows us to ensure goods are quickly received and stored in our large refrigerated warehouse network.

A Leader In Canadian Refrigerated Warehousing

18 Wheels Logistics is a Canadian leader in warehousing, trucking, and order fulfillment. We use our top-of-the-line refrigerated warehousing equipment and exceptional service to our client's advantage.

Working with us provides access to refrigerated warehouse spaces, refrigerated trucking services, and other logistic tools that will ensure optimal temperature for food & pharmaceutical products. We help to take the challenge out of the complicated refrigerated warehousing logistics. We are here to help you manage costs, inventory, and transportation efforts. We provide additional fulfillment services that are available on an "as-needed" basis.

We have warehouses located across Western Canada and into the United States. Our network of drivers and warehouses maintains the strictest standards of quality through all levels of the supply chain.

The Benefits of Working With 18 Wheels Logistics for Refrigerated Warehousing

Refrigerated Warehouse 18 Wheels

Using our refrigerated warehouse management programs and trained staff, we ensure temperature-sensitive products are delivered in their optimal quality. In addition to exceptional service, we also provide:

  • Product visibility and tracking of necessary details
  • Order management (including, receipts, confirmation, adjustments, and reverse logistics)
  • Extensive technology options that make inventory control and product rotation easy
  • Co-packing, trucking, and other fulfillment services
  • Reduced complexity of shipments
  • Top-of-the-line equipment

Working with an established partner such as 18 Wheels Logistics will make a noticeable difference for those in need of refrigerated warehousing. We offer affordable rates, high-end equipment, and customized solutions.

To learn more about our refrigerated warehousing services, contact us today.