Dedicated & Contract Warehousing Services in Vancouver

Contract Warehousing Company

18 Wheels has years of experience and skill in Vancouver supply chain logistics. Our dedicated expert team will thoroughly analyze your needs and challenges to curate a logistics solution that’s fully customized to your goals, financial budget, and service requirements. We want to fully understand your industry and products so that we can proactively respond to the ever-changing dynamic market conditions. From production and warehousing to distribution to your market, 18 Wheels will help you leverage your supply chain logistics performance for business growth, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction. In partnering with us, our clients can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduced Assets and Increased Financial Returns
  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • Advanced Customer Service and Superior Quality


Dedicated warehousing, also known as contract warehousing, is when you hire a third-party logistics company to fully and wholly run your warehouse operations. The building is dedicated entirely to your business, and operations can be tailored to fit your unique needs. This type of service is ideal for larger companies with a high volume of activity that need a specific location for optimal distribution. Our contract warehousing services also promote lower operational costs, and you’ll receive the expert skills and resources of a third-party logistics company.

Clients have the option to choose from multiple state-of-the-art, ambient facilities totaling in excess of 1,200,000 square feet in Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, and Calgary.

18 Wheels provides the following services and then some:  

  • Cross-Docking
  • DSD Program Support (ambient)
  • Parcel Delivery (ambient)
  • Order Selection and Case Picking (cases)
  • Pick-Pack (pieces)
  • RF and Bar Coding
  • Food Grade Sanitation
  • Computerized Inventory Control, Stock Location
  • Online Inventory Tracking
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative
  • Trans-Loading Services
  • Attachments (slip sheet, clamp, roll clamp, double fork)
  • QA Sampling
  • Racked and Non-Racked Environments
  • Import/Export Services

Dedicated Warehousing

18 Wheels can provide an exceptional facility to accommodate your specific warehousing needs, whether you prefer using a dedicated facility or operating a site internally. From warehouse locations to small manufacturing sites, we are fully capable of working within most applications.

Why Choose 18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking ?

Our distribution and contract warehousing services offer many definitive benefits and competitive advantages to our clients. Our greater Vancouver service area and distribution facilities are strategically located near ports and rail ramps to provide expedited support for any global network. Additionally, our warehouse management system enables our team to provide the inventory management capabilities required to operate a dedicated or multi-client shared facility. By utilizing our network modeling tools, 18 Wheels’ warehousing team is able to identify optimal site locations and facilitate the layout of any operation. Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your unique needs. Contact us today for reliable contract warehousing services in Vancouver.