Vancouver Co-Packing and Contract Packaging

Why choose 18 Wheels Packaging for Vancouver Co-Packing?

  1. 18 Wheels has over 20 years of experience specializing in co-packing, making us the leading experts for co-packing in Western Canada.
  2. We are the largest British Columbia based co-packing company with 2 times greater capacity than anyone else.
  3. We have the capacity to handle your flex volumes during peak seasons and the space to store and distribute all of your raw materials, packaging materials, and finished product.
  4. We’ve invested millions extensively in our brand new production lines that were upgraded in 2021, meaning we have the most modern state-of-the-art leading technology which is not only faster, but also more cost effective, reliable, and accurate.  Our state-of-the-art production lines enable us to provide greater output capacity in shorter amounts of time for our customers.
  5. Our ability to provide a true single-source solution for co-packing, warehousing, and asset based trucking helps to drive down costs for beverage products that require co-packing.
  6. Our professionally organized management team has the bandwidth that our customers can trust for the long term.  We are large enough to provide more capacity than anyone else, and at the same time still act small enough to provide customized and first class service to our customers.
  7. 18 Wheels is centrally located in Burnaby BC, making it one of the most central points to receive product inbound and to distribute to the BC Liquor Board, Alberta Liquor Board Connect, Sask Liquor Distribution, and Manitoba Liquor Distribution.

Your Trusted Vancouver British Columbia Co-packing and Packaging Company

Professional primary and secondary packaging are important steps to product distribution. From your wholesale clients all the way to the end customer, solid packaging protects your goods throughout transport and delivery. With our Vancouver BC co-packing services, we can handle your entire supply chain process, but premium packaging is a good place to start.  We specialize in alcohol beverage co-packing including beer, wines, spirits, and RTDs.  In addition, we also provide Vancouver BC based co-packing services for dry food products and consumer packaged goods. 

At 18 Wheels, we believe in providing our customers with the most authoritative, professional Vancouver BC co-packing service in the industry. We go above and beyond to ensure we reliably meet our customers’ needs at every point of the packaging funnel. Our contract packing and co-packing services apply state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to consistently deliver high-quality consumer packaged goods.  Contact 18 Wheels today, and we’ll help you devise the most effective co-packing solutions for your business. Our Vancouver BC Canada co-packing and repacking company strives to provide the best contract packing services throughout North America.  

Contract Packaging


We are an expert packaging company in Vancouver. 18 Wheels' contract-packing solutions (repacking or co-packing) are a value-added service that consist of an assortment of outsourced packaging options—from simple solutions, such as manual labor box labeling, variety packing, mix packing, POP, and large quantity cycles co-packing to more complex heat shrink packaging. 

Our contract packing services provide brands an opportunity to cost-effectively enhance their product's image before hitting the consumer market.  Our experienced packaging team provides customers with flexibility, cost controls, and cost savings. 

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co packing-repacking Vancouver BC

We specialize in Vancouver co-packing for beverages and consumer packaged goods. Our industry-leading packaging solutions include full integration of pack management, inventory, and warehouse systems.  18 Wheels provides manual assembly, display building, automated repacking, co-packing, repacking, and cutting-edge technology to integrate with your IT systems. 18 Wheels Logistics creates unique solutions for customers, investing in customized packaging, repacking, and co-packing equipment to maximize efficiency and meet the specific needs of customers.  We are western Canada's number one choice for repacking services. 

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Value Added Services

co-packing beerOur automated co-packing production lines are fully capable of producing large quantity cycles in short time frames. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide high quality for a plethora of services, including wrapping, re-packaging, mixing, co-packing, and kitting. We offer a complete and diverse selection of packaging options for clients in various industries. As an experienced leader in the Vancouver, British Columbia, co-packing industry, 18 Wheels has state of the art machinery and an experienced and high-caliber work force to operate them. Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your large quantity packaging needs.

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