Rail Siding in Vancouver

There are many commonly overlooked factors to consider when partnering with a 3PL Rail Siding in Vancouver provider. One benefit you may not think to consider is a company that offers rail siding services. This is ideal for a business that prefers to use railroad transportation frequently or occasionally.

Rail siding is a low speed section of a railroad track that isn’t connected to the main line. These tracks are usually made with lighter rails that are fitted to handle decreased speeds, less traffic, and little to no signals. It typically connects to other sidings at the end of the main line and its common uses are: marshaling, stabling, storing, loading, or unloading vehicles.

​Partnering with a 3PL that provides a rail siding warehouse allows for a more flexible distribution process and an overall efficient supply chain. Both companies and their respective customers alike can reap the benefits of the increased efficiency and speeds provided through rail siding. Additional benefits include:

Lower Transportation Costs:

A railcar can carry the same amount as 3-4 over-the-road trucks. This generates cost savings due to the decrease in fuel usage.


Rail siding delivers an important method of transportation directly to your warehouse doors. This benefit increases accessibility and availability.

Elimination of Short-Haul Trucks:

Rail siding allows for closer proximity to freight trains, which eliminates the need to move shipments from the warehouses through traditional trucking.

Frequent Movement of Cargo:

Railroads are less impacted by unfortunate weather conditions as opposed to traditional trucking. Additionally, they are less susceptible to delays caused by accidents or traffic jams.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:  

Products moved by rail has a lower carbon footprint than those transported by trucks. The rail is 3.5 more efficient than trucks, therefore companies can be confident in their decreased fuel usage and carbon emissions.
At 18 Wheels, we offer this incredible service in addition to premium co-packing and trucking. Our rail siding warehouse can help you create an efficient supply chain that will maximize increased speeds and reduced costs. We're located in Vancouver, British Columbia but service all across the nation. Contact us today!