Reverse Logistics Services in Vancouver

Any type of organization, small or large, should practice asset recovery management in order to obtain the greatest possible return from said asset. Reverse Logistics Services in Vancouver from 18 Wheels Logistics helps companies reduce loss and efficiently synchronize their reverse supply chain.

When companies capitalize on logistical challenges, they then turn it into a competitive advantage. In doing so, they reap the benefits from a streamlined reverse logistics process, gaining greater visibility and quality execution in the process.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Our dedicated and expert team will work with you to determine the best plan to maximize returns on investments. We’ll thoroughly examine the full life cycle of your product from manufacturing to fulfillment to end-of-life. We then will devise a strategic plan that will allow you to capitalize on materials, reuse products, and adhere to environmentally friendly protocols. 18 Wheels is constantly up to date with all regulations, ensuring that all decisions made will comply with any regulatory codes. We provide worry-free processing of slow-moving and seasonal returned merchandise with the same integrity, visibility, and care as any outbound shipments.

Here at 18 Wheels, we can supply:

  • Visibility through Real-Time Reporting
  • Sorting, Grading, and Quality Control
  • Tracking of Store/Customer and RMA Compliance
  • Ticketing, Re-ticketing, and Re-labeling
  • Security Tag and Label Removal
  • Inventory Management

Additionally, 18 Wheels works as a reverse logistics service provider to distribution centers at Costco and Loblaw on a daily basis. At these locations, we have equipment positioned at every D.C.’s throughout Canada to facilitate a smooth reverse logistics operation for clients and their partners. The following locations include:

  • Costco D.C.’s: Langley (BC), Airdrie (AB), Saint Bruno (QB), and Brampton (ON)
  • Loblaw D.C.’s: Vancouver (BC), Calgary (AB), Regina (SK), Mississauga (ON)

Why Choose 18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking?

18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking in Vancouver, BC, strives towards excellence and puts customer satisfaction as a top priority, promising to provide only the highest-quality reverse logistics services. In order for this process to be successful, it’s critical to have experienced experts to analyze your supply chain alongside various factors to provide a successful asset recovery plan. As a leading supply chain management partner and reverse logistics company, 18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking can help businesses improve operational efficiency and ultimately reduce unnecessary costs. Our team will create a specialized service that will establish an efficient, profitable, and environmentally responsible logistics plan for your business. In partnering with us, our clients can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Receiving support and answers for end-of-life product challenges
  • Managing risks with product recall services that are ready to launch within 24 hours
  • Capturing individual over, short, and damage events as they occur
  • Fulfilling seasonal buy-back agreements
  • Maximizing efficiency of day-to-day return shipping
  • Implementing sustainability measures with reusable containers
  • Trusting our team to maximize value with a strategic plan to salvage any excess inventory, whether that be by liquidation, donations, recycling or disposal.

Contact 18 Wheels today to learn more about reverse logistics services in Vancouver, BC.