Beverage Destruction Services in Vancouver

If your company has to manage food and beverage waste, by-products, or off-spec liquids, it’s crucial to partner with an environmental services provider with the appropriate infrastructure, technology, and expertise. In doing so, you can ensure that materials are disposed of safely, responsibly, and economically.

Here at 18 wheels, our beverage destruction services fulfill these needs seamlessly. We can perform an array of economic management methods to handle and dispose of your unsellable and unmarketable consumable products. More specifically, we can handle all alcohol destruction, which includes beer, wine, RTD, and spirits. We assist in keeping unwanted consumer products out of our landfills and help create eco-friendly solutions for the nation. You can fully trust us to bring the experience, equipment, and skill set to handle any volume of packaged liquids. 

In order to ensure that we’re efficient and effective in our tasks, we will work with your representative to develop a custom solution. This unique solution will help enhance product security, diminish waste volume, lessen disposal costs, and maximize opportunities for sustainability. Our methods will include:

​Designated Representative

You will have a Waste Management representative who will manage all your project needs.

Acquisition and Logistics

Collaborating with your team, we will create a collection schedule that will minimize the impact on your facility’s operations.

De-Casing, Separating, and Categorizing of Containers

We will be responsible for sorting waste materials by their appropriate content to ensure the correct handling of each component.

Product Reuse, Recycling, or Alternative Use

As a leading pioneer for eco-friendly solutions, we will find ways to recycle and remarket your product waste whenever achievable.

Package Recycling

We will explore ways to recycle the packaging of your expired or off-spec products.

Guaranteed Product Destruction 

When regulations call for the complete destruction of your products, we will ensure the complete destruction of the materials in question.

Certificates of Destruction 

When imperative, we will provide you with written documentation to meet your internal requirements and external regulations.

Web-Based and Real-Time Tracking

Our innovative tracking system will monitor and document the status of your waste throughout the entire disposal and/or recycling process.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, 18 Wheels can meet and exceed all your 3PL needs. Our beverage destruction services include the following procedures: alcohol destruction, beer kegs destruction, beer cans destruction, glass bottle destruction, alcohol disposal, beer kegs disposal, beer cans disposal, and glass bottle beer cans disposal. Additionally, we specialize in warehousing, transportation, co-packing, distribution, and trucking.