3PL Warehousing and Distribution in Vancouver

Warehousing and distribution are some of the core services that we offer here at 18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking. We currently have over 30 years of experience in 3PL distribution services. Over the course of many years, our clientele has grown to include some of the world’s leading companies. Currently, we have over 1,280,000 square feet of highly secured third-party logistics warehousing space in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Washington. Our years of experience and seasoned team allow us to cut costs, improve performance, optimize our warehouses, and free up capital for our clients.

Our 3PL distribution company and transportation operations are based in Vancouver, but we service all throughout North America. Our trucking fleet consists of DCC trucks and trailers. 18 Wheels can accommodate a variety of transportation needs, such as temperature-controlled shipping, dry controlled shipping, LTL services, FTL services, over the road, and rail services. Additionally, we service all the dry and wet ports of Vancouver BC including Deltaport, Centerm, Vanterm, CP Rail, and CN Rail.

Multi-Customer Warehousing 

Multi-customer warehousing is when a company is one of several that uses a facility’s space, people, systems, and equipment. In a shared environment, it’s easier to have your logistical costs coincide with your revenue stream. Shared warehousing services are normally best for companies whose service and space needs fluctuate or for those who aren’t yet ready to commit to a dedicated service.

The dedicated warehouse and distribution experts at 18 Wheels are absolutely committed to excellence and efficiency. We make sure to perform a thorough and in-depth analysis of your supply chain to fully understand your business, products, and customer needs. Our goal is to create a competitive advantage for our partners and provide solutions in all transactions that include transportation, distribution, and warehouse services. Clients can be confident in our innovative equipment and our skilled experts’ ability to consistently deliver superior 3PL distribution services.