Assembly and Packaging Services in Vancouver

Assembly Services

An assembly line is a manufacturing process where mass-produced items are added in a sequential fashion using pre-planned logistics to create a finished product. This service allows the modern-day consumer to enjoy the low unit cost for goods. The finished products are then frequently seen in retail stores and markets.

With more than 30 years of expertise, 18 Wheels is a Vancouver BC packaging company that offers comprehensive and reliable assembly and packaging services. Our goal is to help our clients handle their product packaging assembly goals from start to finish, all the while promising quality materials, dependable services, and quick turnaround.

Clients have the option of having custom hand assemblies as well as point-of-purchase pallet displays, both of which we can handle with the utmost efficiency and care. 18 Wheels maintains fully staffed assembly lines that are ready to aid with packaging needs on a continuous basis. We understand that demands are ever-changing, which is why our assembly lines can quickly adapt to meet any project requirement.

Custom Packaging Services

The dynamic retail industry does not always fit inside the box of traditional packaging requirements. That’s why 18 Wheels not only provides the traditional packaging services but also provides custom packaging services as well.

We strive towards excellence in all areas of our trade, putting customer satisfaction and quality materials as a top priority. Our dedicated and expert team will examine your product carefully and will design the packing material and method that best suit your needs. Time in storage, weight, climate conditions, and mode of transportation are just a few factors that are taken into consideration when designing custom packaging.

Our assembly services always include a full staff to address problems on a regular basis. 18 Wheels can also perform a multitude of other tasks, such as providing storage for assembled products and regulating distribution on an as-need basis. We strive towards excellence and put customer satisfaction as a top priority, promising to provide only the highest-quality assembly and packaging services. Our clients can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts. We strive to consistently meet your unique packaging needs.

​Gift Packing Services

Gift packs are packages that usually have an assortment of items that are wrapped nicely to appeal to consumers. These packages are fully customizable and can range from a simple collection to a more complex mix of items.