Variety Packaging Services in Vancouver

Variety packaging is essentially an assortment of various goods from a manufacturer that is combined into one package. This is a great choice for consumers who love the ability to have options and diversity with products. 18 Wheels Logistics in Vancouver BC Canada can successfully handle any variety, combination, and promotional packaging needs.

What does the process look like?

Our dedicated and expert team will work with you to determine the best type of wrap and packing options for your products. The variety packs are then completely wrapped inside our high speed automatic machines. Clients also have the option to customize their film to enhance their brand image.

Benefits of Variety Packaging

Variety packaging is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the end consumer. In packaging diverse items together, manufacturers have the capability of introducing a new product to consumers with less risk involved. This type of packaging also helps encourage your target market to try different products within a product line.

In addition, a large majority of today’s consumers enjoy the options given in a variety pack. Consumers appreciate the ability to try different products at a great value with low commitment costs. Variety packs are especially beneficial for multi-person households and can suit the preferences of different family members.