Bundle Wrapping Services in Vancouver

Bundle wrapping packaging, also known as ‘bulls-eye packaging’, is a popular method for packaging heavier bulk items while still allowing for convenience. Such items mainly include, but are not limited to: jars, bottled beverages, household cleaning products, and variety packs. Get Bundle Wrapping Services in Vancouver with 18 Wheels Logistics.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Our dedicated and expert Vancouver BC packaging team will work with you to determine the best type and form of film for your product. The film is then cut to size and shrunk around the item with a distinct bulls-eye opening at the ends of the package. These openings at either side of the package allow workers and customers to grip and carry the bundle wrapped object with ease. The thicker film allows for greater durability and strength, which is ideal for heavier bulk items. Clients also have the option to customize their film to enhance a cohesive brand image.

Benefits of Bundle Wrapping


Bundle wrapping is a cost effective method for quality packaging due to the fact that it doesn’t require excessive packaging materials.


A wide range of products at varying quantities and sizes can be easily packaged together using this technique. This advantage allows the packaging process to move at rapid rate, successfully wrapping numerous products at once.

Customization Potential:

Bundle wrapping can be tailored to suit a variety of marketing and promotional needs. It can be utilized to further brand image and create a cohesive identity for your company with the options of choosing distinctive colors, words, pictures, and logos. Clients also have the option of having customized barcodes printed on the film.

High Product Quality:

18 Wheels Logistics uses the highest-grade wrapping films that exceed all industry standards.

Increased Security:

Bundle wrapping is extremely durable and offers a high level of flexibility and strength. The bulls eye grip allows for easy grip and convenient storage capabilities. The added strength of bundle wrapping cuts down on transportation and logistical issues.

Why Choose 18 Wheels Logistics?

18 Wheels Logistics strives towards excellence and puts customer satisfaction as a top priority, promising to provide only the highest quality of services. We offer a complete and diverse selection of bundle wrapping options for clients in various industries. Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to meet your unique packaging needs. Our industrial bundle wrap machinery is well equipped to handle challenging tasks and a high volume workload. This advanced machinery allows us to optimize speed and efficiency to give customers high speed bundle wrapping at an excellent value.