Pallet Retail Display Services in Vancouver

Display-Ready Pallets

The current retail environment is aggressive, fast-paced, and complex. In order to be successful in the retail world, it’s just as important to have great displays as it is to have a great product. This is more the reason why pallet displays are useful and effective in capturing consumer’s attention. Pallet retail displays are units that are created, then shipped to a retailer on a pallet. These units are then placed on the sales floor and serves as a free-standing, advertising display.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Here at 18 Wheels in Vancouver British Columbia, we can help bring any pallet store display vision to reality. We can create a multitude of different display stands that can be constructed for a range of sizes to meet any space requirements. Our dedicated and expert team will work with you to determine the best type and form of stands that suits your display needs. Companies can customize their displays to include any specific color, text, and graphic. After the pallet display is completed, it is then shipped to a retailer and placed on the sales floor.

Benefits of Pallet Retail Displays

Better Product Visibility:

Display-ready pallets help your products stand out amidst a sea of competitors. It helps consumers to easily single out your product in a crowded retail space and gives them an opportunity to purchase.

Marketing Efforts:

Display pallets assist in the marketing aspect of your company. It allows for brands to incorporate personality through display designs.

Call to Action:

A pallet store display or point-of-purchase display offers the consumers a call to action. Not only to think about purchasing the product, but an opportunity to actually do it. These free-standing displays can be quite effective in prompting consumers to purchase.

Product Protection:

Display pallets double as advertising material as well as product protection. No material is wasted in display packaging.