Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Helping Our World Become a Better Place

At 18 Wheels, we believe everyone is important, and that we should help each other. ​Inspired by these values, 18 Wheels Distribution​ is dedicated in finding opportunities to serve & give back to our communities, plus help to improve & sustain our environmental eco-system. ​

18 Wheels Myanmar Crisis Response


18 Wheels Myanmar

18 Wheels Proudly supports the Just Projects Myanmar Crisis Relief Fund. Initiated by JPI, the response is facilitated by the “M2 Border Crisis Response” partners which were formed in 2021 to address the increasing emergency needs of the people affected by the political crisis now exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic in Myanmar. The partnership is composed of GladWorld, JPI, the ground zero team (GZT) comprising of local leaders of Baan Glory ministry and Gateway ministry and some local churches from the ground.

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18 Wheels Ukraine Support Program


I Stand With Ukraine Photo

Logistics is not a career path many are aware of. That's why we are appreciative that colleges across the country are providing programs where amazing people can learn about the industry.

At 18 Wheels Logistics, the war in Ukraine hits our hearts directly as we have members of the team from Ukraine with families there now, with direct lines to support those in need 18 Wheels is helping to raise funds and awareness to help families in Ukraine.

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The Logistics Scholarship at Langara College and BCIT in Vancouver BC


Logistics Scholarship at Langara College and Bcit in Vancouver

Logistics is not a career path many are aware of. That's why we are appreciative that colleges across the country are providing programs where amazing people can learn about the industry.

At 18 Wheels we are honoured to support students in the Vancouver BC campuses.

The 18 Wheels Logistics Award goes to students in the International Transportation and Transportation program at BCIT or Langara College Logistics programs.

Eligible students must be actively pursuing work in logistics.

At 18 Wheels, we want to give financial support and job opportunities to people who have an interest in our industry.

To apply please contact

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative


yo boy yo girl logo

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative" runs a series of strength-based programs in Vancouver to cultivate resiliency in at-risk youth & empower them with tools to avoid the perils of drugs, trouble, & violence.

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Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society



18 Wheels Logistics proudly supports on an ongoing basis the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. We believe in providing access to healthy food, education and training where we live, in a dignified manner. Learn more about our mission and community initiatives here.

Green Initiatives to an Environmentally Sustainable Future



An environmentally sustainable approach to warehouse operations. 18 Wheels also emphasizes green initiatives within its distribution space. Among the company’s green efforts within its warehouses are electric powered and propane-powered forklifts, lithium battery forklift material handling units, electric robotic stretch wrapping, and extensive recycling programs.

18 Wheels continues to find and implement new and creative ways to generate cleaner communities, reduce our carbon footprint, and operate more effectively throughout all of our operations across North America. Reach out to us to learn more about how 18 Wheels can help push your environmental initiatives forward.

CNG Natural Gas for a Greener Earth



The 18 Wheels Group utilizes CNG Natural Gas local transport trucks. BC’s transportation industry is responsible for the largest share of provincial greenhouse gas emissions, and fueling with natural gas is one way to reduce those emissions.

Natural gas fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from trucks by up to 30 per cent compared to diesel and gasoline.

Natural gas vehicles emit up to 95 per cent less nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the principal greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, are reduced by up to 30 per cent.

Natural gas vehicles emit virtually no particulate matter, the harmful microscopic component of air pollution that penetrates deeply into the lungs.​​





We believe in the capacity of youth, university students and skilled professionals to create a new future for communities in need. Our work shapes global citizens who partner to bring real benefit and change to local communities, the marketplace and the world. Together we bring assistance to children at risk, victims of terror, survivors of natural disasters and refugees fleeing oppressive governments.

Since the beginning, Imagine Thailand's focus has been on connecting two sides of Thailand's society - university students with the education to initiate transformation and local communities with great needs. Imagine Thailand is a bridge between these opposite ends. We believe in those who have society’s permission to bring change can do just that—catalyze change. We believe in a new generation of young adults who want to make a meaningful difference in their world. We believe in Thai students and young professionals who stand ready to bring transformation to local communities and society. We see young adults as having the ability to be community contributors, people who can add value to a local community by improving the quality of life.

Imagine Thailand is a registered Thai foundation (registered as Imagine Thailand Foundation, reg. no. กท 1917) with Thai and Canadian leadership. Motivated by our Christian faith, we assist people regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or gender.


Volunteer Grandparents - 18 WL


Volunteer Grandparents

Help Us Donate Masks to Frontline Workers


Help Us Donate Masks to Frontline Workers

18 Wheels Trucking & Warehousing Ltd. supports "Masks for Frontliners British Columbia" campaign.

Today our healthcare workers asked for help to our community to donate mask, gloves and goggles to hospitals. Our hospitals and front line workers are running low with mask and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like mask, gowns, gloves, and goggles ) and that is very important to protect themselves while they are treating patients or getting exposed to patients during this time of uncertainty with COVID 19. We are in touch in local hospitals and charities that will receive these mask as soon as they are ready. Our government is working on getting all the supplies but there is an immediate need for mask to keep our frontliners while we wait for everything come in place.

Good news we found a supplier in Canada that will be manufacturing the mask locally and will selling the mask below market price. Novo Textiles will start the manufacture starting next week! They are local in British Columbia, Canada! How awesome is that! I know that we are all struggling with the uncertainty, but we can all work together to get our lives back. We are staying home while our frontliners are out there saving lives. They are regular people with families and some have children that too. They go to work so we can stay home. Let's help them, Every dollar counts. Every dollar will go to saving lives.

Audrey Giesbrecht
Founder of HuRo Kids Clothing

Photo Credit: Anna Hedstrom

From HBC to Bio-Diesel


The 18 Wheels Group utilizes previously owned vehicles from HBC that are run by bio-diesel. This green initiative helps to reduce the carbon foot print associated with 18 Wheels' trucks on the road.


Bio-diesel has several environmental benefits:

  • It is renewable: bio-diesel is made from renewable resources
  • It is biodegradable: neat bio-diesel (B100) degrades faster than petroleum diesel.
  • Potential for reusing waste products: certain waste products such as animal fats can be redirected away from our landfills.
  • GHG reductions: compared to diesel, bio-diesel has the potential to reduce GHG emissions by over 80% on a life-cycle basis.
  • Reduces several tailpipe emissions: using bio-diesel reduces several tailpipe emissions such as particulate matter, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide from most modern four-stroke CI or diesel engines.
  • Less toxic: a bio-diesel blend would be less toxic than petroleum diesel.

Proud to Participate in Greater Vancouver Food Bank


Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Ukraine Destiny Center


Ukraine Destiny Center

Ready for Winter. This week there has been a joy in the house of a single orphan mother from Bogodukhov. Yasya and her son Daniel (20 months old) live in a small house that she bought on the orphan's pension saved for all the years she had spent in the orphanage. The house with its shabby windows was quite cold in the wintertime, and Daniel got sick very often. Hope For The Nations helped her to buy and install three new high-quality windows. Yasya's challenge was to save $40 as her contribution to the purchase of the windows which she did, but she got this money back as a blessing to buy medicines for her boy.​

Annual Walk for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation



With over 30 years of history, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation's annual Walk with the Dragon has a reputation of being BC's largest family scenic walk and festival with over 4,000 individuals including participating in a panoramic walk along the seawall. Every year, families and youth are inspired to participate and fundraise to support the cause. As a result of their generosity, proceeds of this event benefit urgently needed S.U.C.C.E.S.S. programs and services that are currently non-funded and partially funded by the government, particularly those pertaining to youth, women, families and seniors.

Volunteer Grandparents - 18 WL


Volunteer Grandparents - 18 WL

18 Wheels Logistics Team is honored to participate in supporting Volunteer Grandparents and contribute when we can.

Proud to be Canadian. Proud to be in Our Communities.