Vancouver Temperature Controlled Freight Service

18 Wheels Logistics temperature-controlled freight services in Vancouver can offer you an array of customized cold pack shipping solutions for all your fulfillment needs. 

In creating a product, every factor is carefully selected. In the same way, companies should be thorough and meticulous in the selection of a refrigerated carrier to ship their products, especially if it’s temperature-sensitive. Customer satisfaction, quality, and profits depend on the integrity of such products. Transporting temperature-sensitive packages requires an economical and efficient solution that will protect the content as it’s shipped from warehouse to consumer. 

Whether you’re shipping frozen products, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, or any other temperature-sensitive products, 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation can handle it all. As a distinguished refrigerated carrier, we offer the temperature-controlled freight services and flexibility you need to keep your products moving in a timely and cost-effective manner. With our dedicated fleet of trucks, trailers, and chassis, we can handle all your transportation needs domestically and internationally. In addition to transporting, 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation has temperature-sensitive warehouse storage facilities in Vancouver and other surrounding cities. We’re also able to handle any co-packing needs clients may have, temperature-sensitive products included.  

Our goal here at 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation is to help our clients get their products in the hands of consumers in top quality condition. Our expert team can guarantee that your products are stored and moved in accordance with specific temperature standards. We’ll collaborate with you to determine a strategy that works best for your product, company, and market. With us, your retail customers will always have stocked shelves with products in top condition. This standard of superior quality that we hold ourselves to is why many industry leaders rely on our temperature-controlled freight services for all their temperature-sensitive distributing needs. ‚Äč

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