Over Dimensional Trucking Service in Vancouver

Our Over Dimensional Trucking Service in Vancouver are perfect for delivers that require an extra layer of preventative safety measures and expertise. They’re also subject to a different set of rules and regulations across different borders. These obstacles are why it’s crucial to choose a trucking company that has experience and knowledge in the transportation of over-dimensional loads. A seasoned and skilled partner will help alleviate any slowdowns or damages caused by accidents or violations when transporting such items. 

When it comes to over-dimensional trucking services, 18 Wheels Logistics has done it all. Even with difficult and unique loads, our team will ensure that your products are handled with the utmost professionalism, quality, and care. We’re completely licensed and custom bonded to transport up to a payload of 145,000 pounds of heavy equipment across North America. To guarantee optimal stability and even weight distribution, we use Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck low beds that can be configured with various working decks. Our services are flexible enough to deliver the exact service you need to ship your oversized loads.  

Furthermore, our over-dimensional trucking company based in Vancouver will completely handle all details for even the most challenging shipments. We will coordinate permits, escorts, and other requirements to ensure that your products are safely moved in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. We also offer warehouse and co-packing services in addition to transportation, giving clients the convenience of a one-stop solution for their business needs. 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation is one of the leading transportation companies in Vancouver, and we do not carry that title lightly. Customers can be confident in our innovative equipment and skilled experts to provide the most reliable over-dimensional trucking service in North America. 

Contact 18 Wheels today to make us your trusted partner for all your unique shipping needs. We offer customized solutions to ensure your products receive the best care during transport.  ​