18 Wheels Logistics Toronto Warehouse (ON W-7-A)

Main Toronto Warehouse Serving Eastern Canada

Toronto Warehouse, ON W-7-A, 18 Wheels LogisticsThe ON W-7-A Toronto Warehouse is our main location for Eastern Canada. Located in Mississauga, the warehouse is conveniently placed, offers plenty of storage space, has multiple loading docks, and uses the latest warehousing technology. Our Toronto location gives us a wider presence across Canada and efficiently connects with our Western network.

The 18 Wheels Warehouse in Toronto has 338,000 square feet and 76 loading docks.

18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking has been in business for over 30 years. We specialize in multiple aspects of logistics. With an established distribution network across North America, 18 Wheels Logistics is the perfect 3PL partner for any business.

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18 Wheels Logistics - Toronto Warehouse (ON W-7-A)
2150 Royal Windsor Dr,
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 1K8, Canada
Tel: (604) 439-8938

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