18 Wheels Trucking & Warehousing & Trucking Locations

With over 900 trucks & trailers and nearly a million square feet of warehouse space throughout Canada and parts of the US, we can efficiently and reliably transport and store your goods.

Our Locations

Tilbury Warehouse, BC W-1 7708 80th Street,
Delta, BC V1B 6A9
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Annacis Island Warehouse, BC W-2 780 Derwent Way,
Delta, BC V3M 5P8
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Burnaby Warehouse, BC W-3 2864 Norland Avenue,
Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6
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Flagship Surrey Warehouse, BC W-4 2929 188th Street, Building B
Surrey, BC V3S 9V5
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Kelowna Warehouse, BC W-5 720 Evans Ct,
Kelowna, BC V1X 6G4
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Calgary Warehouse, Alberta W-62634 45th Ave SE,
Calgary, AB, T2B 3M1
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Toronto Warehouse, ON W-7-A 8460 Mount Pleasant Way,
Milton, ON L9T 8W7
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Vancouver Warehouse, BC W-88240 Manitoba Street,
Vancouver, BC, V5X 3A2
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Nanaimo Warehouse, BC W-9 1890 E. Wellington Rd,
Nanaimo, BC V9S 5L0
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Burnaby Warehouse, BC W-10 7185 11th Avenue,
Burnaby, BC V3N 2M5
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