Intermodal Freight Shipping Services in Vancouver

18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation can fully manage all your Vancouver intermodal freight shipping needs. Transporting products across regions will be subject to an array of logistical and technical issues. Intermodal freight shipping can provide added capacity and efficiencies in your transportation and supply chain. 

In addition to co-packing, warehousing, and distribution services based in Vancouver, 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation can handle all your transportation needs all across North America. We service all the dry and wet ports of Vancouver BC, including Deltaport, Centerm, Vanterm, CP Rail, and CN Rail. Additionally, our unique partnerships with various North American rail lines allow for unmatched intermodal shipping services.

With years of experience in being a leading logistics company in Vancouver, we’re well versed in the handling of various commodities such as food, beverages, electronics, metals, industrial products, and retail products. The technology we have allows clients to track their shipments throughout the entire duration of its journey. In giving complete transparency in this process, our hope is that clients will grow even more confident in our methods and practices when transporting goods. In integrating our dedicated transportation, co-packer, logistics, drayage, and warehouse capabilities, companies will experience a seamless and successful supply chain.

We’re fully dedicated to having exceptional service, quality equipment, and a team of committed personnel. We will work diligently to determine the most economically effective and efficient delivery strategy that will fit your needs. This standard of superior quality that we hold ourselves to is why many industry leaders rely on our services for all their intermodal distributing needs. 

If you want to improve the efficiency of your supply chain and distribution, contact us today for more information about our intermodal freight shipping services. At 18 Wheels, we’re here to provide transportation and delivery services you can count on.