Food Warehousing and Cross-Docking in Vancouver

If you’re in the food product industry, having a clean warehousing and cross-docking partner in Vancouver key. To guarantee your goods meet all food safety and health regulations, you need to hand your warehousing and distribution needs to a company that knows what it’s doing. Our expert team at 18 Wheels can ensure that your food and beverage products comply with FIFO/LIFO guidelines—from lot/batch control to returns processing. We offer the best food warehousing and distribution services in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Our warehouses are compliant with all the necessary regulatory codes. We maintain clean and safe facilities by conducting regular maintenance and pest control inspections, and we use the most thorough cleaning procedures. We want our clients’ customers to receive the best quality product possible, so we take every step to make sure we meet those needs. In partnering with us, our clients can enjoy the benefits of: 

  • Flexible distribution services expanding supply to key markets
  • Special quality control lot procedures for organic and alcoholic products
  • Solid integrated information management systems
  • High volume inventory rate services that can satisfy peak, seasonal demands
  • Expansion of supply chain capabilities to solve market category increases
  • Augmentation of fluctuating seasonal inventory builds
  • Lower category logistics cost per unit
  • Daily cycle counting
  • 24/7 operation  

18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking strives towards excellence and puts customer satisfaction as a top priority. We promise to provide only the highest quality food warehousing and distribution services. Our clients in the food industry trust us because we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in food storage, packaging, and distribution. We use innovative equipment to streamline our processes, and our knowledgeable team includes industry experts who are dedicated to every client’s success. 

When you partner with 18 Wheels for your food product logistics needs, you’ll see why we’re the go-to 3PL company in Canada. Let us design a custom solution just for you—contact us today. ‚Äč