Dedicated Trucking & Fleet Services in Vancouver

As a well-known Vancouver trucking company, 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation can handle all your dedicated fleet needs, ensuring that your products are handled with care and delivered in a timely manner.

In today's unpredictable economy, companies are trying to maintain efficiency and cost advantages while remaining competitive in their industry. With the rise of new federal regulations, driver shortages, and increased fleet maintenance costs, companies and resources are being spread thin and pulled away from their core business. All of these obstacles are encouraging companies to outsource to a dedicated fleet that can handle the transportation and logistics aspects of their business. This type of service is beneficial for companies who need products delivered but want to do so without the intensive investments and capital a private fleet may demand.

Our dedicated fleet gives you the benefits of a private fleet with none of the headaches. We assume risk and liability in addition to hiring, training, and managing drivers. In doing so, we give our clients full transparency across their transportation network. In partnering with us, our clients can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Real time visibility and control of your transportation network, thanks to our customizable and easy to integrate technology platform
  • Modern and maintained fleet that is up to date with the latest safety equipment.
  • ‚ÄčInnovative and rigorous recruiting, hiring, training, and driver development programs to ensure you have the most skilled drivers in your operation
  • Flexible scaling to meet your company’s fluctuating capacity needs

Recognized as a leading dedicated transportation provider, we’re proud of the standard of excellence that have been instilled in each of our employees. Our team guarantees that we’re operating in a safe manner that’s within the guidelines of federal regulations. In addition to transportation, 18 Wheels Logistics is one of the most dominant companies in the packaging, distributing, and warehousing industries in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Here at 18 Wheels Logistics and Transportation, we hold efficiency in high regard. We’re dedicated to helping our clients optimize asset utilization and boost fuel efficiency. Your success is our success. Contact us today and let us help you achieve greatness.