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5 Advantages of Warehousing
by Michael Kotendzhi | Warehousing
Most warehouses work in conjunction with trucking companies to ensure that the entire transportation and storage process is seamless and secure. Here are some of the ways in which warehousing for food storing benefits business proprietors and consumers.
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Did you know that the food and beverage processing industry accounts for seventeen percent of total manufacturing shipments and two percent of the national gross domestic product? As you can see, this industry plays a major role in our lives. And food storage and transportation should not be taken lightly. The quality of our fruits, grains, vegetables, and beverages influences our health and wellbeing, after all. Luckily, food grade logistics companies exist for this exact reason.
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The trucking industry has become vital to the North American economy, with Mexico, Canada, and the United States relying upon 18 wheeler trucks to transport a variety of products. Ultimately, this has made trade between the nations easier in many ways. The trucking industry itself also provides a variety of different jobs, and in Canada alone, it is worth over $65 billion and employs over 260,000 drivers and 400,000 employees.‚Äč
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As your business grows, warehouse storage will be important to have continued success. A commercial logistics company can transport your inventory and provide many other benefits as well. Here are the best benefits you can get from a third-party logistics facility.
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