What The Future Holds For Low Calorie Wines?

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

With the subsequential launches of powdered alcohol products, ready-to-drink, and low to no alcoholic beverages, the consumers are certainly being educated to choose wisely according to personal health and taste preferences. The alcohol industry is aiming high on a line of extensive products other than traditional beer and wine. The brewery certainly attempts to cultivate more choices for alcohol beverage consumers to choose from.  

In the UK, the retail giant has launched a range of low-calorie wines named the “Sumika”, meaning “light” in Japanese. The Sumika series carries three main classes including Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, and Rose. Each class consists of about 50 calories per 100ml serving and a higher ABV of 8.5%. The calorie intake is significantly lower compared to the regular wine with an average of 114 calories per 125 ml serving at 13% ABV. 
The low-calorie wines intrigue a vast interest in alcohol beverage consumers to be able to have more preferences while being health-conscious on personal wellbeing. Consequently, many UK supermarkets follow the desirable market trend to launch private branded low-calorie alcohol wine which the ABV comes under 0.5%, as well as the beer and spirit sections. It is expected to see more varieties will be offered to the consumer market in the latter days.  

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