What Makes Vancouver Such a Key Part of the Warehousing and Distribution Scene?

What Makes Vancouver Such a Key Part of the Warehousing and Distribution Scene?

There are several reasons why Vancouver is such a key part of the warehousing and distribution scene within shipping and logistics. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a close look at why this is so. The Port of Vancouver is the busiest and most important port in Canada. For every $3 of trade outside of Canada, $1 of that flows through the Port of Vancouver. 


The Port of Vancouver is also served by three railroads: the Canadian National Railway (CN), the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). This means that products can be easily onloaded from ship to rail or offloaded from rail and onto ship. 

City Size 

The population of metro Vancouver, or of Vancouver plus close surrounding areas is about 2.6 million people. The size of the port has grown with the size of the population. 

Wherever there is an important port, there will be a need for warehousing and distribution. The larger the port, the larger the need. Earlier in 2022, the Port of Vancouver received a terrible port rating by the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence. However, we should be skeptical of those numbers because we were in the middle of a pandemic, the Port of Shanghai was locked down, and there was a big dip in employees present at the ports to make it run smoothly. 

No matter how the Port of Vancouver is ranked, it is still the entry into Canada from many places including Asia, and there is a rising demand for both warehousing and distribution. As COVID subsides, these demands will continue to rise and incoming products need to be distributed throughout Canada and to the 2.6 million people right in and around Vancouver.

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