What Is the Role of Rail Siding in 3PL?

What Is the Role of Rail Sliding in 3PL?

Rail siding is a tool used by 3PL companies to save time and increase efficiency in transportation of goods. The term “rail siding” refers to individual railroad cars that can slide away from the main lines onto smaller side rails that may be next to a warehouse. 

Sometimes 3PL shipping companies can save some time and money if they have warehouses strategically located near railyards. With the use of rail siding, products can be on- or off-loaded to or from railroad cars straight into or out of an awaiting warehouse. This strategy does away with the next for using trucks to get to the next mode of transport. 

Rail siding is such an important cost-savings device that clients should ask their 3PL company if rail siding is available to them. With the use of rail siding, products can move quickly in and out a warehouse and immediately on or off a train. 

Railroads are an important part of shipping in the Vancouver area, with three major railroads available in Vancouver: the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, and Canadian National Railway. Often products in transit will be transported to and from the railroad by truck. However, the existence of rail siding can make a big difference for the client’s bottom line. 

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