What is RF Barcoding?

What is RF Barcoding?

RF barcoding is a technology that creates and uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) to track objects. It is essential for the logistics industry as it significantly reduces processing time and costs while increasing efficiency.

Documentation of products can often lead to delays in logistics, but RF barcoding helps to solve many of the issues. The RFID code is attached to the package and can be scanned by the receiver to understand package details such as shelf location, SKU, quantity in the warehouse, components, expiration, and much more.

RF barcoding is common in shipping, logistics, retail, and manufacturing. Several companies such as Walmart, FedEx, and Amazon utilize this technology to track the movements of their products from production until it reaches a consumer at home.

Is RF Barcoding Common?

RF barcoding depends on RFID tags, which are commonly seen as QR codes. RFID tags ensure that each item has a unique identifier, which helps retailers manage inventory efficiently. It is important to note that QR code technology is also relatively new, but it continues to see most and more useful as time goes on.

Making use of RF barcoding technology is beneficial for many reasons. It improves how products are delivered accurately throughout our network by ensuring that they are each identified and correctly handled. Additionally, it eliminates a wide range of bottlenecks that are inherent in the package processing and storage aspects of the supply chain.

What Warehouses Incorporate RF Barcoding in Canada?

Only a few warehouses in Canada have the infrastructure in place to effectively make use of RF barcoding. At 18 Wheels Logistics, we use RF barcoding to help our partners track the movement of our trucks and products throughout our diverse network in the United States and Canada.

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