What Is Bull’s-Eye Packaging and What Are Its Uses?

What Is Bull’s-Eye Packaging and What Are Its Uses?

Bull’s-eye packaging is just another term for bundle wrapping. Bundle wrapping is used in shipping to consolidate items that either closely related or coming from the same source and/or headed for the same destination. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the reasons why bull’s-eye packaging is used. 


In some situations, bull’s-eye packaging can make shipping more efficient. It’s a method of consolidating shipments, so that related items or items originating from the same source and/or products heading to the same destination are bundled together. By bundling the products together, these products are easily kept track of and may also take up less space than having each one travel independently and packaged alone. 

Cost Savings

Often, if bull’s-eye packaging is an option, less space in the truck or container may be required. This can spell a big cost savings for the producer. So, for an example, several stereo components can be bundled together and shipped as one unit. Bundle wrapping can also mean the difference between shipping full pallets versus partial pallets. While bull’s-eye packaging is not possible with every shipment, it is a strategy that should at least be insured by the producer or the 3PL company handling the shipping and logistics. 

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