Warehouses and the Environment: Green Practices for Sustainability

Green Practices for Warehousing Sustainability

In every business sector there are all kinds of strides being made to be more “green.” Green practices in warehousing are good for everyone: they typically cut costs for the 3PL company, and they are less polluting for the employees and the environment. In today’s blog, we will look at some possibilities for making any warehouse more green.


The key to making any improvements is to first identify current consumption. If a warehouse uses a lot of water, here are some ways to cut down. Install water saving devices on all water outlets. Talk to employees about the need to cut down on water consumption and waste. Install a dishwasher in the break room because dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand.


Electricity is cleaner than other forms of energy like diesel fuel. Change to electric forklifts. Look for ways to use higher efficiency, longer lasting, and cooler lighting. Encourage employees to rideshare or bike to work or use public transportation. If you have high electric bills, install solar panels and generate some of your own electrical power.

Little Things

 There is a myriad of little things that you can do which add up. Try to go paperless as much as possible. Use recyclable and non-polluting packing materials. Have bins for recycling, and recycle as much as possible. Turn off lights that are not being used during off hours. Reward employees who are creative in making anything in the warehouse function in a greener capacity.

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