Top Five Popular Alcohol Brands In China

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

With the opening of world trades, North Americans can easily obtain traditional alcohol drinks from overseas which is a privilege for adventurous alcohol consumers. Let us look at some Chinese-made alcoholic beverages that are valued to be in the top list. 

  1. Moutai Baijiu – a clear liquor cultivated from sorghum that currently is sold in over 100 countries. The rapidly growing sale places the brand value estimated at $13 billion with a forty-two percent annual growth rate. Baijiu is commonly favorited by businessmen and authority leaders.  
  2. Chang Yu Wine – the wine is a luxury-imaged brand in the domestic market that is opportune to sell overseas that is valued at $3.1 billion US. The brand is investing about $1 billion in market research and planning its launch overseas with its foreign design. 
  3.  Tsingtao Beer – selling in more than sixty countries, Tsingtao defeated the decelerated Chinese economy to successfully launched aggressively into foreign markets. It is the oldest brand of beer from China that was created by German and British brewers more than a hundred years ago. Valued at $1.2 billion, Tsingtao becomes the most famous Chinese beer in the world. 
  4. Snow Beer – centered its facilities and markets in Henan Province, Snow launches with urban presence and marketing strategy. The brand is famed for its innovative and rebellious images that become a fierce competitor in the Chinese market, valued at $677 million US.  
  5. Harbin Beer – was acquired by AB InBev and moved from local to national markets in 2004. The brand was advertised by Shaq, the NBA player, and valued at $601 million US.  

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