The Role of Technology in Modern Vancouver Warehousing

The Role of Technology in Modern Vancouver Warehousing

Few industries have been as impacted by technology as the logistics industry has. What was once a sector heavily reliant on manual labor has quickly leveraged advancements in IoT, Robotics, and Automation to streamline various operations.

Some areas where technology advancements have made the most impact are Warehouse Management Systems and robotics, which have streamlined operations and allowed warehouses to maximize their resources. 

Warehouse Management Systems - The Brains of Operations

For decades, warehouse inventory was counted by hand and stored on paper, which came with limitations that would handicap any current business. 

All modern warehouses now utilize Warehouse management systems, or WMS for short. These Warehouse Management Systems pair with Barcode Scanners and RFID Tags to act as the brains of the operation and track everything, from where boxes are stored to how many products of a specific SKU are left.

Utilizing a Warehouse Management System means way less hunting around for stuff and faster processing and shipping for businesses.

Robotics and Automation - Minimizing Human Error & Optimizing Packaging

Another technology upgrade modern warehouses possess is robotics and automation, which tackle repetitive tasks and minimize human error.

A great example of this is found at the packaging level. When an order is received, the Warehouse Management System sends an automated message to the robot order packer, which picks up the product off the shelf and brings it to the processing line. 

From there, robotic arms re-package it into a branded container before a final human inspection occurs. Then, the packaged good is loaded onto an outbound truck and sent to the end consumer.

Technology is playing a critical role in Modern Vancouver Warehousing, and as robotics and automation continue to advance, the industry will find more ways to leverage its power to optimize operations.

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