The Importance of Security in Cross-Docking

The Importance of Security in Cross-Docking

Security is important in every aspect of shipping and logistics. The 3PL company is, after all, entrusted with getting a product from point A to point B in good condition. Security is especially important when cross-docking is used. In today’s blog we are going to talk about why that is.

What is Cross-Docking?

Before we talk about security, let’s just remind our readers what cross-docking is. In shipping, cross-docking means that products are moved from one mode of transportation to another without any warehousing. Warehousing is removed from the equation. The advantages of cross-docking are that—when done right—it is faster and cheaper than using warehousing between modes of transportation.

Cross-docking, when it is possible, saves both time and money. This is why security is so important. If there is any loss of product, then all of those savings in time and money disappear. Cross-docking is not possible to use in every situation, but the 3PL company has to be sure that the products go exactly where they are supposed to go in order for cross-docking to benefit the client.

That means that cross-docking has to be carefully supervised and monitored, so there are never any gaps in security or loss of product. Furthermore, the products still have to be handled with the same care and attention as in every other part of shipping.

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