The Impact of E-Commerce Growth on 3PL Services in Vancouver

The Impact of E-Commerce Growth on 3PL Services in Vancouver

The days of brick-and-mortar retail stores being the only option in Vancouver are long gone. With the rise of e-commerce, residents in Vancouver have access to a global catalog of products, which has changed the warehousing industry.

3PL services have exploded in popularity as a way to improve shipping, storage, and packaging for e-commerce businesses due to their flexibility and low barrier to entrance. 

3PL Providers Are Changing to Meet New Demand

The demand for affordable and flexible 3PL services has never been this high, and to support the growing e-commerce industry, many 3PL warehouses have begun expanding their suite of services to provide more robust coverage.

While traditional warehousing primarily focuses on storage, 3PL warehousing blends storage with fulfillment to provide a single outsourced solution for all your shipping needs.

With the help of 3PL warehouses, small retailers can compete with established supply chains. They can receive large bulk shipments from an international supplier and transport them to the warehouse for long-term storage until they are ordered, professionally packaged, and delivered to the end consumer.

Previously, these tasks would be performed in-house, and businesses would need to invest millions in their annual logistics operations. However, the rise of e-commerce has changed the warehousing industry, and businesses can now leverage the existing experience, equipment, and staff of a 3PL warehouse for a fraction of the cost. 

These changes to 3PL significantly benefit any e-commerce business and provide an immediate boost to your logistics operation. Even if you manage parts of the delivery process in-house, their scalable and flexible services can streamline bottlenecks in your supply chain.

As we move forward and e-commerce continues to grow, we expect the 3PL industry to grow and adapt to the needs of businesses and the end consumer.

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