The Famous Lines of Low-To-No Alcohol Drinks In 2020

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

Dry January was first initiated in the UK to host a world-wide alcohol-free month to promote healthy choices in drinking culture. In 2021, the Dry January hit a world record of 6.5 million people participating in the movement.  Amongst the challenges, low to no alcohol drinks become a great luxury for alcohol consumers to take part in the movement with a wide range of alternative drinks to choose from. Many alcohol manufacturers took the perfect opportunity to launch a new line of products in this young subcategory. 
CBD cocktail – the legalized oil makes the headline to be infamously infused with cocktails and spirits. As opposed to cannabis, CBD can be purchased without a legal age limit and become very common to young adults.  

Grapefruit alcohol-free – The Radeberger Gruppe from Germany is the largest brewing group and importer to the US. The brand launches a non-alcohol malt beer contained natural grapefruit juice without sacrificing the beer taste.  

Carlsberg Nordic – the UK alcohol giant, Carlsberg, put the new alcohol-free beer on the shelves in the UK to replace its Carlsberg 0.0% beer.  

Strongbow Dark Fruit – Heineken is not lacking behind to introduce the unique vegan 0.5% ABV alcohol drink to entice the consumers. With only seventy-three calories per bottle, it is naming the ultra-low alcohol beverage. 
Gilt Lifter – An Arizona-based brewery, four Peaks Brewing Company, presents its contemporary ale fitted to be carrying half the calories and carbs with bold flavors. While choosing a healthier alternative, the drink is compatible with dieting and even keto-friendly.  

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