The Debate between Fewer Trucks or Newer Trucks?

by Michael Kotendzhi | Trucking

Since the World has been woken up with the concern for large emission issue, all countries with top developed world per capita emitter of GHGs have been trying to lower CO2 posed as a global crisis. There are restrictions and incentives implementing over the past two decades to achieve the goal.  In the industry of logistics, the question arises in alternations between driving fewer trucks or buying newer trucks.

The controversies lay on the economic of different regions. For example, Vancouver in British Columbia has been showing promising statistics that overall GHGs emissions from 10 years ago of a total 0.5% decreasing. This means what people have been improving is the right way, and shall continue doing what they have been doing.

The point of view on truck fuel efficiency differ from regions. But even with the newer trucks and its fuel efficiency feature, the concerns include the overall maintenance cost and downtimes which are not fully reviewed and summarized. The aspect may lead to potential occults in savings in the long run.

If the opportunity turns back to what we have presently, how about optimizing truck planning and enhancing packing in the transportation stage? A good 3PL provider can plan the trucking route efficiently, using collaborate shipping and strategic packaging. The competent approach may result less truck run on the roads with more shipments delivered in short period of time.

In 18 Wheels Logistics, we offer astute copacking, productive trailer loading and dynamic warehousing solutions for our customers. Whichever methods our team members use, we strive to take care all your logistics needs. 

Michael Kotendzhi is President of Operations & Transportation and a partner at 18 Wheels. Michael has over 15 years of experience and is equipped with a degree in Logistics from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. As well as a background in logistics from XPO Logistics (formally Kelron Logistics), North America's largest contract warehousing provider.

Michael's experience includes supply chain management, reverse logistics, & domestic transportation. He has developed 18 Wheels' trucking solutions, effectively utilizing the sister company's vehicle fleet and building a transportation supply-chain network across North America.