The Challenges and The Conquers In The Busy Supply Chain

by Michael Kotendzhi | Logistics

With the arrival of 2021, a new decade seemingly starts without hesitation or obstacles for the supply chain industry. In Vancouver, British Columbia, the logistics and transportation industry are always charging at full speed against all the odds geographically, politically, and environmentally.

Statistics show that the logistics and transportation industry in Vancouver does have a conquer the environmental challenges. Since the government tightens the regulation on GHG emission. A staggering decrease of 23 percent is compared to what was recorded 10 years ago. That is a victory because it is no surprise that 50% of the emission come from transportation.

The trades are presented on a global scale since most developed countries open the markets in between. Trade agreements are proposed, signed, and implemented. Industries have more choices and supplies for consumers. The markets are becoming more competitive to stimulate the economy. Canada certainly achieves global trades successfully by opening trades with Asia and European countries.

As Vancouver is a city in the northern hemisphere, certain challenges pose as the extreme weather can happen unexpectedly. Canadian weather is famed for its inconsistency and extremity. However, with the advantages of technology and the alternations of resources, logistics challenges can be conquered with the accuracy of the forecast and the choice of alternative arrangements.

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Michael Kotendzhi is President of Operations & Transportation and a partner at 18 Wheels. Michael has over 15 years of experience and is equipped with a degree in Logistics from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. As well as a background in logistics from XPO Logistics (formally Kelron Logistics), North America's largest contract warehousing provider.

Michael's experience includes supply chain management, reverse logistics, & domestic transportation. He has developed 18 Wheels' trucking solutions, effectively utilizing the sister company's vehicle fleet and building a transportation supply-chain network across North America.