The Budding Low and No Alcohol Industry

February 9th, 2021 in Food & Drink

A new category in alcoholic beverages can be exciting and enticing for regular alcohol consumers. In recent years, the low to no alcohol industry has been spreading its variances in the competition between carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages. The new experience and the new concept offer as an extra category in between which continues to show promising figures in sales.  

However, because the low and no alcohol category is still blooming, brand loyal is a subject the industry is focusing to establish in order to build a stronger brand name and stabilized industry.  The industry is painstakingly imprinting the impression to customers that this certain category is not an alternative to the existing categories but a luxury. The market is aiming to attract a younger crowd of consumers and adapts acceptance to a wider range of social events. The category is captivating to be more appealing to younger adults, compared to traditional alcohol consumers in the older ages.  
The quality and the variety are focusing to become compatible with the contemporary and urban lifestyles young adults are striving for in the new age.  What the new industry tries to overcome the first challenge is the very first step for people to even try the new products. Establishing a new brand to a sought-after market can be challenging and difficult, but being a pioneer to establish ownership in the budding category can be rewarding.  


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