Risk Management in Cross-Docking Warehousing - Mitigating Potential Hazards

Risk Management in Cross-Docking Warehousing - Mitigating Potential Hazards

Storage fees can quickly add up and cut into your profit margins. In an attempt to reduce expenses, more and more businesses are incorporating cross-docking strategies to create a lean and flexible supply chain.

The main purpose of cross-docking is to speed up delivery times and minimize storage fees. If everything works according to plan products would require very little, if any, warehousing.

Although there is a lot of potential with cross-docking there are also risks. Because the shipments are always in movement, the need for ongoing communication, product visibility, and meticulous planning is crucial. And without a full understanding of cross-docking, it can end up costing you in the long run.

Understand The Cross-Docking Process

Cross-docking occurs at a specific facility with docks for inbound trucks on one side, and outbound trucks on the other side. In the middle, there is a short-term warehousing facility where products are consolidated, organized, and placed into outbound trucks for the new leg of delivery.

It is important to understand that cross-docking is significantly different from traditional warehousing, and services often require a higher upfront cost. But it can often be worth the investment, as a well-designed cross-docking system can speed up shipping time and eliminate the need for warehousing.

18 Wheels Logistics Minimizes the Risks of Cross-Docking

The best way to create a smooth and successful cross-docking system for your business is to work with 18 Wheels Logistics. Our Vancouver, BC facility is staffed with an experienced team and industry-leading technology. Additionally, our 24/7/365 gate house lets our team take advantage of late-night gate pick-ups at the port, further minimizing the risks of cross-docking. 

Whether you run a small online store or a large corporation, we can help you implement cross-docking into your supply chain and improve your logistics efficiency.

For over 30 years, 18 Wheels Logistics has strived to be the most customer-centric trucking, warehousing, and logistics company around. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 18 Wheels relies on experience and integrity to make customers happy and remain on the cutting edge of shipping and logistics management.

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