New Botanical Beverage That Gave A Bad Name: TRIP

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

Now the brand is renamed “Free Rain”, but originally the founder, Colin McCabe wants to give the beverage the name “Trip”. Due to potential misinterpretation of the product which might hint at the consumers, the founder was forced to give it another thought.  

The main feeling on the product given to the consumers was to capture the idea of being in nature and encouraging an active lifestyle. The concept was complying with the botanical ingredients consist of ginger, fruits, and flowers in all signature blends. However, the name “Trip” had misled the consumers to think that it would give them the experiences in hallucinatory, a psychedelic effect.  

A single 12oz “Free Rain” drink contained only 5 g of natural fruit sugar with no extra additives and the characteristics focused on the flavor factor to achieve the finished product the founder wanted. With years of experience in the restaurant business, the owner, McCabe was learning his way into the beverage business taken upon making “Free Rain” a success.  
The initiation of launching the beverage line was interrupted and altered by COVID-19. Instead of serving it within the restaurant front, grocery store, and direct-to-consumer, the entire strategy was revered to introduce the product line by marketing in grocery stores. McCabe took the solid and steady marketing by putting the product through retail channels and centralized the supply flow.  

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