Lyrebird – An Australian Brand Offering Non-Alcoholic Beverages

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

Lyrebird is an Australian bird that is capable of imitating possibly any sound including the human voice, chainsaws, car engines, etc. Mark Livings launched the brand Lyrebird to reflect the line of products mimicking some of the classical alcohol spirits with its non-alcohol base.  

The brand launching consists of thirteen different convergent and profiles Absinthe, Vermouth Rosso, Triple Sec, Amaretto, and Coffee Liquor with some exotic additives to create bolder flavors and stimulants to the palate. Nonetheless, the Lyrebird line of products is constituted with natural ingredients that meet the same level of aroma and taste contents of old-fashioned spirits, leaving out the alcohol base. Inspired by the Australian bird, the manufacturer devotes itself to spawn the closest non-alcohol version to offer to consumers.  

The new era of alcoholic drink is leaning toward drinkers’ preferences to beverages with lower alcohol content but the same level of aroma and taste. Lyre’s manufacturing process is revised to skip distillation by compounding natural essences and extracts to create the original alcohol flavor.  

The marketing with Lyre’s launching is to grant easy access to the general public by offering on-trade and off-trade. By working with some local bars and online stores, the brand successfully pushes its name out in the cocktail world.  

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