Is Warehouse Space Scarce in Vancouver?

Is Warehouse Space Scarce in Vancouver?

Warehouse space everywhere is currently tight, mainly due to supply chain delays worldwide. There is also a reduction in available commercial and industrial space, in general, in Vancouver since last year. However, “scarce” is a strong word, and there is still available warehouse space for 3PL customers in Vancouver. 

There has been a fluctuation in warehouse space lately mainly because of COVID-related delays in shipping, and the resulting changes that companies are making with their shipping and logistics strategies. But it remains difficult to predict how the demand for warehouse space will unfold in a post-COVID era. Right now, it appears that retail sales online are climbing and in-person shopping is falling. 

Shipping delays are easing worldwide, and wait times for docking at ports including Vancouver have dropped in the past twelve months. Similarly, delays with roads and trucking have also eased. So, a fierce demand for warehousing earlier this year could also ease in the months ahead. 

We recommend that clients using 3PL services try to secure warehouse space well ahead of their perceived need since we cannot predict what will happen in the next calendar year. While some companies folded during COVID, other big companies like Amazon continue to expand and can have a significant ripple effect on the supply chain worldwide. 

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