Is The Spiking Growth In RTD Alcohol A Long-Term Effect Or A Surge?

by Michael Kotendzhi | Food & Drink

Statistics are showing a whopping forty-three percent increase this year in global RTD alcohol growth when market research expressed a depreciation in the prior year. The leading brand Brown-Forman records its Jack Daniel category has exceeded expectation significantly. The company has been doing exceptionally well that it has acquired Part Tim Rangers, a newly established New Zealand company to expand its spirit-based division.

RTD Jack Daniel category is launched initially twenty-five years ago. The sector shows its increment over the years in the global market, especially in the UK, Australia, and Germany.  Acquiring Part Time Rangers will stimulate the Australian and New Zealand markets for the renowned Brown-Forman Corporation.

The discussion comes to whether this achievement is under the influence of the novel coronavirus, or it is a steady trend to better suit the future lifestyle? It is undoubtedly the lockdowns around the globe that has its certain effect to boost the trend. The auspicious growth is showing promising sale volume in the market of the US, and the corporation is confident of the trendy direction in the future.

The recognizable growth is recorded by the RTD market in the USA, which happens to be the biggest RTD market in the world. The numbers certainly impress the industry as the volume grows double-digit for the Brown-Forman Corporation. By the end of 2020, it is foreseeable that it will eventually exceed the beer sector. 

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