Is Apps Potentially A Breakthrough for Supply Chains?

by Michael Kotendzhi | Logistics

Predict the unpredictable is what I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Let’s go wild here for one second. Can you find a logistics provider to suit what you need, your budget, and your timeframe by just downloading an Apps? Nothing is impossible nowadays if you ask me.

In 2020, every child under 19 knows how to maneuver a mobile phone and likely to be great at using a mobile phone. More surprisingly, a 17-year-old teenager sold a 5-month-old app to Yahoo. This is a message that apps are indeed in the foreseeable future. News like this has put a new perspective for 3PLs to be more freethinking what the next stage for the logistics industry in Vancouver, British Columbia, is heading.

It is undoubtedly the beginning of a new era as the next generation of opportunists seek entrepreneurship toward technology and its creative pathway into the 3PL industry. This implication can be certain, considering the effects on time, that the resources and assets can be enormously beneficial.

18 Wheels Logistics believes in rewarding talents and dedications. The era is respectfully ecstatic to be observed how technology integration takes in place. They are helping the industries to exercise emergence and shaping the future. The successful revolution streams through our warehousing WMS, logistics TMS, copacking assimilation, and trucking engineering. Connect with our team to introduce you to the future of Supply Chains. 

Michael Kotendzhi is President of Operations & Transportation and a partner at 18 Wheels. Mr Kotendzhi oversees North American operations and has over 15 years of experience.  Michael Kotendzhi has a degree in Logistics. 

Michael's experience includes supply chain management, reverse logistics, & domestic transportation.