Inventory Tracking and Warehouse Solutions

December 11th, 2020 in Warehousing

The statistic shows that over one-third of businesses in North America have shipped an order late because the information in the system is not adequate to the actual stocks in the warehouse. More notably, almost half of small businesses do not even track their inventory at all. The numbers are quite surprising because the inventory process is often one of the crucial points in logistics and warehousing.

How to optimize the processing speed and increase more sales are the goals all businesses want to achieve, whether it is a large corporation or a small local-owned business. Surely, the remedies are that the warehouse is organized, and all inventories are in order. However, this has been proven to be not an easy process to be established. When the time comes like this, a good warehousing partner can save you from stress and help you achieve more in the business.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, all businesses are trying their best to be competitive in the ecommerce-driven urban markets. A third-party warehousing solution is what you need when the business is expanding and steadily developing. The warehousing partner has enough manpower, space, equipment, and competent managing software.  Most Importantly, they are professional that can save you time and energy.

Don’t wait, call 18 Wheels Logistics today at 604-439-8938 to see what our team in Vancouver can do for you and your business. We will help your businesses to get to the next level.


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