Environmental Benefits of Rail Car Storage in Vancouver

Environmental Benefits of Rail Car Storage in Vancouver

As awareness of environmental conservation grows, companies need to consider reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the environment to ensure they meet changing industry standards. 

While fixed-location warehouses have long been considered the best form of storage, rail car storage spaces offer significant environmental benefits over traditional warehousing.

Reduced Land Use

Traditional warehouses require large plots of land, typically built-in industrial areas leading to deforestation or disruption of natural habitats. On the other hand, railcar storage takes up significantly less space compared to land-based storage options.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Railcars use far less energy when storing goods than a traditional warehouse model as they don't require lighting, heating/cooling systems, or automated equipment dependent on electricity.

For businesses looking toward sustainability goals, utilizing railcar storage options provides an opportunity to reduce operational carbon emissions while offering excellent storage and fulfillment services.

Fewer Carbon Emissions

Choosing rail car warehousing as opposed to conventional land transportation reduces the energy and gas spent transporting your products. Rail freight consumes significantly less gas and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to a truck while offering much greater carrying capacity.

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