Do Vancouver Warehouses Offer Co-Packing Services?

Do Vancouver Warehouses Offer Co-Packing Services?

Co-packing is one of the services offered by some—but not all—3PL shipping and logistics companies. We offer co-packing services, so in today’s blog article we will go over exactly what that is. 

What is co-packing? 

Co-packing is comprised of several parts. In the simplest definition, co-packing means that the company providing warehousing also packages the client’s products. So, a product may arrive at the warehouse in one way, but is then repackaged, possibly with some special wrapping or packaging and/or identifiable branding, possibly including certain colours or stickers. 

Sometimes several different products may be packaged together for a specific end buyer or retailer. Also, the products may need to be unwrapped before they can be repackaged for their destinations. Keep in mind that co-packing does not involve assembling products, just their packaging. 

When warehouses offer co-packing services (like those offered by 18 Wheels Logistics), the 3PL company can make packaging much faster and more efficient than what the client can do itself, which is why these services are often farmed out. 

Co-packing, when done efficiently, is a big cost savings for the client. Experienced co-packers have the space, the materials, the staff, and the protocols in place to make it a streamlined affair. And if the client needs a change in their packaging, then it is easy to implement on the fly. 

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