Do All Warehousing Providers in Vancouver Offer 3PL Services?

Do All Warehousing Providers in Vancouver Offer 3PL Services?

The question in the title of today’s blog is impossible to answer. Definitely most warehousing providers also offer 3PL services—in Vancouver and anywhere else—but it is possible that warehousing alone could be found. 

Warehousing is often a service offered by 3PL companies because products often need a place to wait in between different legs of their shipping journey. The advantage of using a 3PL company that also offers warehousing is that all parts of the shipping and logistics and storage are tied together including tracking and security. 

While it may be possible to find warehousing that is not attached to a 3PL company, that warehousing would not likely have the same type of security and tracking of a 3PL company’s warehouse. Independent warehousing might at first glance appear cheaper, but it will not be cheaper in the long run when you factor in all the risks that the client takes. 

Usually, warehousing is part of the 3PL chain of shipping. The advantage of this is the cohesion offered to the client. This type of warehousing is a seamless addition to your shipping equation, and the 3PL company manages all aspects of your warehousing needs. 

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