Customer Services And Its Importance in Logistics

December 14th, 2020 in Logistics

With a competitive market like in Vancouver British Columbia. A logistics partner with good customer service is hard to come by. What determines whether it is good customer services from the logistics providers? Here are some tips:

  1. Fast response time: How fast is fast?  Your logistics partner responds back to you is the trait how well they handle your request.
  2. Proper communication: This skill is most important and necessary in the form of logistics. Whether it is by phone or by email, your logistics partner needs to understand fully and accurately during a conversation.
  3. Availability. The logistics supply chain is very complicated, but skilled logistics partner can help solving your urgency and dilemma most of the time. Having a handful of resources on their list and able to sort things out is a good logistics partner.
  4. Professional Manner: Many companies do not have guidelines on how the customer service representatives shall serve the customers. Most of them it is relying on personality. CSRs need training just like any other positions on professionalism, then charm your customers with individuality.
  5. Above and beyond: How much are your logistics partner and the representatives going out of ordinary and achieve more than you require?  Do they do extra to ensure every operation running smoothly with great care and thoroughness?

At 18 Wheels Logistics, we put our customers on the top priority. Whether it is logistics, warehousing, copacking, or trucking, let us handle your every supply chain needs. 


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