Choosing a Vancouver Warehousing Provider

Choosing a Vancouver Warehousing Provider

If your company is in the market for finding a Vancouver warehousing provider for your shipping needs, this blog article is for you. We are going to outline what to look for and why. 

Warehousing space has been fluctuating during the COVID-19 era, but the general trend is an increasing need for space. While the warehouse space market is tighter than it was a year or two ago, there is still space available in Vancouver. Here is what to look for: 


The first thing you need is space. Does the warehousing provider have enough space for your products based on their volume and/or weight? None of the other criteria matter if there is no space, so that is the first thing to find out. But the shipping client needs to look ahead in time and consider whether his or her space needs will be increasing. You want space that can grow with you and not have to change providers in six months or a year if you don’t have to. 


By “efficiency” we mean is the warehouse space modern? Do they have some automated processes? Getting products in and out quickly, safely, and efficiently is important. 


The location of the warehouse could be important to a client depending on how his or her goods are being transported. Does the client need to be near the Port of Vancouver or near railroads? Airports? Or is there strictly a trucking need? 


Find out how a warehousing provider is rated and perceived by other clients and the public. Have they been in business a long time? That is one good indicator of a good operation.


There may be other considerations that are important to the client such as how “green” is the warehouse operation. Does the warehouse take any steps to be eco-friendly or energy efficient? Do you need special temperature controls for your product? There are several things that a specific client may need. 

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