Business Growth Starts from Co-Packing

by Michael Kotendzhi | Logistics

What is Co-Packing?

Does ‘outsourcing’ sound familiar? It is when a 3rd party provider is hired by you and performs tasks and services for you. 3rd party logistics providers are an efficient, cost-effective way to bring your product to market that compares with the way to build your own manufacturing facility.

Co-packing means to outsource your packing to 3rd party logistics service providers (3PL).

Four Reason to Opt for Co-Packing

Cost Savings

You not only save facility and equipment cost but labor and associated employer liabilities. You will see your overhead expense drop dramatically and simultaneously; your profit margin is increasing.

Increased Business Flexibility

The more-flexible the organization is the more quickly it will grow. Because they are using the process and methods that work efficiently.

More Time to Focus on Expertise

The core principle of running a business is to make it professional. You focus on your expertise, while a 3rd Party Logistic service provider (3PL) Co-packing focus on their expertise. Every 3PL Co-packing has resources and staff in place that allows you to actually take advantage of skills that you may not possess, but a logistics provider has.

Better Technology

It is wise to partner with a professional Co-packer like 18 Wheels Logistics Ltd, located in Vancouver B.C. We have been in business for over 50 years. We are heavily investing in various resources to bring the most advanced co-packing technology to our clients. There has never been a better time for you to take advantage of 18 Wheels Logistics investments and boost your business with minimal effort.

It is a challenge to determine to change 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers. You must consider comprehensively and pay attention to each step. We are 18 Wheels Logistics locates in Vancouver B.C, western Canada. We have been working on build a comprehensive worldwide distribution channel year of years.

Contact us to review your current 3PL situation and we will provide thorough analysis on what the change of 3PL will bring to your business, how 18 Wheels Logistics would help you to realize your goal.

Michael Kotendzhi is President of Operations & Transportation and a partner at 18 Wheels. Michael has over 15 years of experience and is equipped with a degree in Logistics from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. As well as a background in logistics from XPO Logistics (formally Kelron Logistics), North America's largest contract warehousing provider.

Michael's experience includes supply chain management, reverse logistics, & domestic transportation. He has developed 18 Wheels' trucking solutions, effectively utilizing the sister company's vehicle fleet and building a transportation supply-chain network across North America.