Best Practices for Storing and Handling Beverages in Toronto Warehouses

Best Practices for Storing and Handling Beverages

Whether in Toronto or anywhere else, warehouse beverage handling and storage requires some special knowledge and equipment. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about best practices for the storage and handling of beverage in a warehouse.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to beverage handling. Some beverages may need to be kept at specific temperature, and others may not have that requirement. In general, however, the warehouse will need to be able to accommodate special temperature controls.


Liquids are heavy. Liquids in glass bottles are even heavier. It is important that warehouse staff understand the weight of what is being handled and are using appropriate equipment, whether boxes or pallets are moved manually or with robotic equipment.


Beverages are fragile by definition. Not only can glass containers break, but a beverage that is agitated may suffer a loss of quality. Inappropriate agitation of a beverage can also reduce its quality. So, warehouses handling beverages need to recognize the fragility of the cargo and handle it with a delicate touch to prevent losses.

The storage and handling of beverage in a warehouse requires more experience and expertise than handling a less fragile cargo. There are also several food-safe certifications and safety practices that will be required of both the warehouse and the staff. If the beverages being shipped are alcohol, then even more regulations must be followed and higher security is needed. Choose your warehouse with all this in mind.

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