Shipping and Logistics for the Vancouver Beverage Industry

Get Vancouver warehousing and cross-docking services for your beverage business. In addition to handling the shipping and logistics for alcoholic beverages, we also handle non-alcoholic beverages. Beverage handling and shipping requires thorough understanding of all the rules, regulations, and compliance issues, including cross-border shipping and customs requirements.

We take care of everything including shipping, packaging, labeling, storage, and logistics in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We understand that careful handling is required in the transport of cans and bottles. A damaged bottle or can may have a domino effect damaging the packaging of other products.

For the shipping and handling of beverage items, we have the experience, equipment, and space to make it seamless and worry-free for you. Whether your beverage products need to be shipped within the province, across provinces, or across the border, we can handle every detail for you from the producer to the distributor or the end consumer market.

Beverage containers may be heavy and fragile, but 18 Wheel Logistics is up to the job. With extensive experience, and a specialist staff, we will make the shipping and logistics of your beverages look easy. We can keep your product at a specific temperature, and we have strict controls in place to keep our warehousing clean and pest free.

If you need shipping and logistics for your beverages, think of 18 Wheels Logistics, as this is one of our specialties. Contact us today to manage the shipping, packaging, storage, and logistics of your beverages in cans and bottles.